Dive into Deep Learning
without prior experience & with a qualified mentor
We provide a "portal" into a network of deep learning specialists for motivated undergraduate students who are brand new to AI/ML,
welcoming students from all backgrounds.


If you are a college student who wants to learn about AI/ML but don't have relevant experience and don't know where to begin, the Deep Learning Portal is for you!

Our goal is to help students ramp up quickly in deep learning without having to tackle loads of prerequisite materials beforehand, which can be intimidating and pose a high barrier to entry. Students dive straight into deep learning with close guidance from one of our qualified mentors.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, including but not limited to low-income students, first-generation students, and students who have overcome unique personal hardships in life. Our application provides an opportunity for students to tell us about their own unique story.

The Deep Learning Portal program consists of three core components:

Course Assistance

Our qualified mentors closely guide students through a fundamental deep learning course, helping to fill knowledge gaps on the fly and assisting with course concepts as needed.

General Advising

We host informal fireside chats with special guests and hold open AMA-style office hours for students seeking general guidance on their academic career in deep learning and beyond.

Deep Learning Network

Our program connects students with competent deep learning specialists and establishes a community of motivated fellow students from a diverse range of backgrounds.


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Moo Jin Kim

Founder and Director, Lead Mentor

Chelsea Finn

Faculty Advisor

Breauna Spencer

DEI Program Advisor

Maximilian Du






Program Timeline

Key events in the program are shown below.

  • Student Applications Open

    Students from select universities apply to our program, submitting application materials such as resume/CV, transcript, background questionnaire, and personal statement.

  • Review of Applications &
    Student-Mentor Matching

    Students who are accepted into the program are matched with one of the mentors, who will serve as the primary contact throughout the program.

  • Deep Learning Coursework &
    Program Activities

    Students complete a fundamental deep learning course with close guidance from mentors. We also host activities, such as fireside chats, open office hours, and guest talks.

  • Program Completion

    Students are suggested next steps to continue their careers in deep learning after the program. Fellow students optionally stay in contact past program completion through a close-knit alumni network.

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